Meteorological Authority warns of increasing temperatures in coming days

Chairman of the Egyptian Meteorological Authority (EMA) Ahmed Abd al-Aal stated on Monday that a heat wave will sweep the country until February 10 causing temperatures to rise by six to ten degrees.

Hot temperatures will prevail across the country’s northern parts, while the rest of the country will be even hotter during daylight hours. Cold temperatures will prevail throughout the country during the night.

Abd al-Aal added that mist will accompany the heat wave and expects the weather to be dense and foggy along the northern coasts, Lower Egypt and Cairo on February 7.

Moderate winds will be active and carry sand and dust across the country on February 10.

Maximum temperatures predicted for the following regions are as follows: 24C-28 C in northwesterly coasts, 24C -30C in northeasterly coasts, 29C-32C in Lower Egypt and Cairo, 30C -33C in northern parts of Upper Egypt and 31C to 35C in southern parts of Upper Egypt.

Abd al-Aal urged Egypt’s Traffic Administrations to take precautions on the country’s highways, adding that people can obtain information on the weather condition on daily basis through the following contact number: 24646721.



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