MENA: Border guards foil attempt to smuggle in 4 tons of marijuana

Border guards foiled an attempt to smuggle nearly 4 tons of marijuana into Egypt on Saturday, according to the state-run news agency.

Second Field Army border guards found criminals attempting to smuggle a large amount of marijuana through Sinai to sell in Egypt's northern governorates, said MENA.

As a result of tightened inspection and security measures at crossings and on ferries, a Mercedes driven by a man named Hassan Atiya Hassan, accompanied by one Samy Fatehy Tawfiq, was detected on the "Al-Qantara East" ferry, the agency said.
The car was apparently loaded with limestone, under which the suspects hid 74 sacks of marijuana.
Legal action has been taken against the suspects and the drugs were confiscated, MENA said.

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