MB international wing urges improved relations with regime

Leaders of the international wing of the Muslim Brotherhood (MB) opposition movement urged the group’s new general guide Mohamed Badie–only hours after his election to the post–to work on improving the MB’s historically rocky relationship with the Egyptian regime. They also asked him to appoint Mohamed Habib, former first deputy guide, as one of his aides.

Kamal el-Halabawy, spokesman for the Muslim Brotherhood in Europe, noted that Badie was "not very well known" abroad. "It’s strange that Habib, who is much better known both in Egypt and abroad, would be ousted from the group’s leadership," said el-Halabawy. "But we’re a democratic group."

International wing secretary-general Ibrahim Mounir agreed that Habib represented a valuable asset for the MB. "Badie isn’t the best man to lead us–perhaps Habib would have been better," he said, calling on the new general guide to work towards "safeguarding the unity and image" of the group.

Translated from the Arabic Edition.

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