MB To Hold Early Shura Elections

The Muslim Brotherhood (MB) opposition movement’s authoritative Guidance Bureau announced its intention to hold early elections for the group’s shura (consultative) council within coming days.

The decision aims to put an end to recent escalations within the group involving MB politburo chief Essam el-Erian. The decision also aims to resolve outstanding differences between politburo members and MB General Guide Mohamed Mahdi Akef.

The move comes despite the fact that the group held its last shura council elections only last year, which led to the promotion of five leading MB members, including head of the group’s parliamentary bloc Mohamed Sa’d el-Katatni.

According to MB Secretary-General Mahmud Ezzat, the Guidance Bureau decided to hold early elections in a bid “to defuse the simmering crisis.” But Ezzat declined to reveal when exactly the polls would be held or whether they would be staged in a specific venue, as was the case in 1995 shura elections.

Translated from the Arabic Edition.

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