MB General Guide announcement postponed a week

The Muslim Brotherhood Guidance Bureau, the group’s highest governing body, said yesterday that the announcement of a new general guide has been postponed until after consultation with the Brotherhood’s Shura councils abroad. The announcement is scheduled to come next week.

Meanwhile, current Supreme Guide Mahdi Akef introduced a new plan for the group during a meeting with bureau members on Wednesday.

Brotherhood elections were held this week amid reports that the group is facing serious internal divisions.

Sources said former Deputy Guide Mohamed Habib is dismayed at his alleged exclusion from the last elections. The sources also reported that Abdel Moneim Abul Fottouh did not abstain from the election as was reported earlier, but actually ran and lost.

Shura Council member Gamal Heshmat called for a committee to look into appeals filed by members who lost in the elections.

Young Brotherhood members used Facebook to express their suspicions over Habib and Abul Fottouh losses in the elections. Some on the social networking site called for a re-vote, while others called for respecting their leadership in order to preserve the group’s unity. One Brotherhood blogger suggested Brotherhood members swear fealty to the new general guide in advance, irrespective of who he might be, in order to safeguard group solidarity.

Translated from the Arabic Edition.


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