MB denies alleged backdoor deal with regime

The Muslim Brotherhood (MB) opposition group has denied allegations by Democratic Front Party (DFP) Political Affairs Secretary Ibrahim Nawar that it had struck a deal with the ruling National Democratic Party (NDP) to maintain its current representation in parliament.

“We do not make deals,” said MB Secretary-General Mahmoud Hussein.

MB Deputy Supreme Guide Rashad el-Bayoumy and MB Guidance Bureau member Mohamed el-Katatny said: “Anyone claiming as much had better provide evidence.”

El-Katatny also denied Nawar’s claim that the MB was “more concerned with outside issues” than it was about Egypt’s domestic affairs. “We’re concerned with all issues affecting Muslims, whether internationally or locally,” he said.

“And Nawar’s accusation that brotherhood MPs ‘had the most to benefit from the state-funded medical treatment program’ is also wrong,” el-Katatny added.

The DFP had earlier announced it would not coordinate with the MB in upcoming parliamentary elections slated for later this year.

In a related development, the MB on Wednesday requested a meeting with officials of the opposition Wafd Party, to which the latter agreed. Wafd Party President Mahmoud Abaza, however, is not expected to come to the meeting since MB Supreme Guide Mohamed Badie will not be attending.

“It’s no more than a normal protocol meeting,” said Wafd Party executive board member Essam Shiha. “We both already know the points of agreement and disagreement between us.”

Translated from the Arabic Edition.

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