Maximum preparedness to secure presidential election

Egyptian Minister of Interior Mahmoud Tawfiq has directed his aides and the ministry’s leadership to fully prepare for the coming presidential election without intervention in the election process.

A security source told MENA Monday that the ministry’s plan includes securing the polling stations from outside through the intensive deployment of policemen in the nearby areas.

The candidates running for the presidency include incumbent President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi, who is running for a third term in office and whose electoral symbol is a star; Farid Zahran, the leftist opposition Social Democratic Party candidate with the sun as his electoral symbol; Abdel-Sanad Yamama, candidate of the Wafd party who has chosen the palm tree as his electoral symbol; and Hazem Omar, the Republican People’s Party candidate, with the ladder as his electoral symbol.

Voting in the 2024 presidential election for Egyptians abroad ended on Friday.

The election inside Egypt is due to be held from December 10-12.

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