Matruh glass walkway frequented by millions of visitors annually

The glass walkway in front of the famous Queen Cleopatra bath in the west of Matruh city is frequented by more than three million visitors during the summer.

Turquoise waters, white sands and a bright sun make Marsa Matrouh a charming city, which has its fans who rush to it from all the governorates of Egypt, to enjoy its beauty.

The city of magic and beauty is famous for its beaches that extend for more than 25 kilometers, starting from al-Rumaila and Alam al-Rum through the beaches of Rommel, al-Basant, Lido, and al-Busait until the beaches of Al-Gharam, Cleopatra, al-Abyad and Ageeba.

The largest companies specialized in re-installing the “glass walkway” in front of the famous Queen Cleopatra bath in the west of the city, which is being dismantled after the end of the summer season, has finished work to protect it from breaking, as happened three years ago.

The walkway is 72 meters long and four meters wide, which makes it easy for vacationers and visitors to the historical bath to enjoy the sea water and the waves crashing with its natural rocks.

The Cleopatra Bath, one of the most important tourist attractions in Marsa Matruh, is a huge rock in which sea water passes through carved tunnels, then pours into the sea again. The rock is large and the water enters the rock and flows from its openings in a wonderful form.

In the roof of the rock are openings that allow sunlight to enter, which heats the water inside the rock.

Cleopatra’s Bath is considered one of the most famous historical and tourist attractions in the city. Visitors frequent the famous bath through the Pharaonic gate located at the beginning of the beach and is adorned with a statue of Queen Cleopatra.

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