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Mastering makeup: The evening look

As Eid approaches, you are bound to spend at least one evening out celebrating with family or friends. The look for such an occasion is glowy and glamorous. Here are some easy steps to achieve the Eid-style diva look.

1. Foundation is very necessary. Start by applying a fair layer of concealer under your eyes and on the dark areas on your face if there are any. Apply and spread foundation evenly over your face with a foundation brush.
2. With an eye shadow brush, color the area between your lash line and eyebrow with a white or off-white eye shadow to even up the color.
3. Paint your eyelid with a contrasting shade (dark blue, dark green, grey, or brown) according to your outfit or the color of your eyes. Make sure to blend together and smudge both colors together.
4. Apply eyeliner on your upper eyelid (see Mastering make-up: Cat eyes) and on your lower lash line from the outer corner of your eye inwards.
5. Mascara is a must. Apply three or four layers of mascara with 3 minute intervals in between to let dry.
6. Touch up your cheeks with blusher then add bronzer on your forehead, chin, and nose.
7. Lip liner is a must; draw the outline of your lips then add lip gloss. Lip liner has to be two shades darker than your natural lip color. If you prefer transparent gloss, then blend the two together.


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