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Mastering makeup: Cat eyes

A popular trend in the 1960s, the “cat-eye” look requires an ample amount of black eyeliner and courage.

Acquiring the Rihanna or Beyonce cat-eye effect is not as difficult as you may expect though–there are easy steps you can follow to make the process of application smoother.

1. Start by applying a white or off-white layer of eye shadow. Spread it evenly with an eye-shadow brush, from your lash line until your eyebrow line. Use a darker color (light-brown, gray or pale pink) to color the area above your lash line.

2. Dip the tip of your shadow brush in a dark color–grey or brown eye shadow–and spread it along your lash line. Hold the corner of your eye upward and smudge the eye shadow line outward in the direction of your eyebrow, creating a tail pointing upward.

3. Redraw the line with an eye pencil and smudge it outward with a makeup smudger to make it more defined.

4. Redraw the line with black liquid liner, then using a black kohl pencil, draw the outer corner of your eye, connecting the upper and lower lash lines (work your way inward).

5. Apply three layers of mascara with minute or 30-second intervals in between to allow it to dry.

6. Voila! Cat’s eyes…now pick your outfit and head out on the town!

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