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Mastering Make-up: how to cover dark spots

Achieving flawlessly fair skin is a near impossible task for many women, especially in the Middle East. Pollution and fatty foods–among other things–affect skin negatively and augment dark spots and blemishes. Here are a few steps to help you cover these annoying dark areas on your face.

  1. Start by wiping the oils and the residues off your face with a gentle cleanser; Clarins Water Purify and Chanel anti-pollution toner are highly recommended.
  2. Cover the dark areas on your face with your eye concealer; remember, it should be one tone lighter than your skin tone and your foundation. Use Clarins Base Fixante as it blends perfectly with the skin.
  3. Wait for a few seconds, then start applying your foundation; go lightly with your brush on the areas concealed so you don't smudge or uncover the spots.
  4. Finally powder your face to avoid shine especially on your nose and chin.


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