Massive new concert hall set to transform El Gouna into a cultural hub

Egypt’s El Gouna will witness a dazzling cultural breakthrough with the inauguration of a 30,000 square-meter concert hall. The project will be headed by renowned British architect Christina Seilern, who is known for partaking in the establishment of the distinguished “Walki-Talki” skyscraper in London, The Times reported.

The British architect spoke of her inspirations for the awaited hall, declaring to The Times that she is stirred by the “local topography” and ancient history in Egypt. Seilern, 49, noted that the concert hall will be fenced by a simulated lagoon.

The design will encompass Islamic architecture techniques and elements inspired by ancient Egyptian monuments. The project looks forward to attracting legendary orchestras, especially from Berlin.

“We took on the project only five months ago and are already moving into the construction phase, so it’s been incredibly fast-paced,” the British architect told The Times.

Egyptian billionaire Samih Sawiris previously funded Seilern’s music venue inaugurated in the Swiss village. Sawires has always had affection for music concerts conducted by Herbert von Karajan and is fascinated by the Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra.

Samih, who comes from Egypt’s wealthiest family, found the beautiful site of development for El Gouna 25 years ago. El Gouna now houses 25,000 residents and 18 hotels along with a huge football stadium.

El Gouna is known for hosting various cultural events including El Gouna Film Festival, which attracted global attention for its prominent success over the past years. The festival has attracted several iconic international celebrities such as Sylvester Stallone, who attended the last edition.

A few months ago, famed American rapper Micheal Ray Stevenson, known as Tyga, paid a visit to Egypt, during which he hit the stage at El Gouna Beach Polo’s After Party.

There were several other famed international stars who performed in the mentioned concert including Romanian singer Elena Alexandra Apostoleanu, publicly known as Inna.

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