Massive blaze sweeps through Egypt Air building

A fire broke out Tuesday at an Egypt Air administrative office building in the old Cairo airport. The blaze, which started at 3 AM and lasted for three hours, engulfed 13 rooms in the building and left 14 persons with respiratory problems caused by the smoke. The employees harmed were transported to the Egypt Air hospital.

Fathi Fouad Ibrahim, head of the security shift at the Egypt Air building, reported that a fire had broken out in the offices on the fourth floor after he heard the fire alarms go off. Ibrahim called the on-site fire engines for rescue. But the wooden walls helped speed up the spread of the flames, which eventually gutted all of Hall No.6 on the fourth floor.

Fifteen fire engines belonging to the civil defense forces moved to the site and extinguished the fire, which, according to inspections by the police, may have been caused by an electric short circuit. A report of the incident was filed and the Nozha prosecution team headed to the site of the fire. A forensic lab will identify the causes of the fire, inspect the damage and determine the losses.

Translated from the Arabic Edition.

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