Man arrested for molesting children after Quran lessons

A man was arrested in Cairo on Monday on charges of molesting young children after their Quran lessons.
Three separate reports filed by the families of the children accuse the man of molesting them while giving lessons about the Quran and Islam in a small mosque in the Nasr City district of Cairo.
The families attacked the man and tried to kill him but the police were able to arrest him and take him to the police station. He was then referred to the prosecution.
The families said that the man would ask the children to do some physical exercise after the Quran classes, during which he would harass them by touching their private parts. Children who did not obey him were kicked out of class or put in a coffin.
One of the children said that the defendant harassed him and the other children, filming them as he did so.
An investigation found that the defendant, a 41-year-old by the name of Yasser, raped the children, aged 5 to 9 years old, after class.
Yasser, however, has denied the charges, and claims that he encouraged the children to exercise in order to help them study.

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