Man arrested for offering his child for sale on Facebook

Egypt’s Interior Ministry has arrested a man with a previous criminal record after he offered his son for sale on Facebook.

The arrest comes as part of the ministry’s effort to combat crime in all its forms, especially illegal immigration crimes.

According to the ministry, the Department for Combating Immigration and Human Trafficking received a notice that a man had made a Facebook post offering his child for sale, a clear legal violation. 

Cairo police investigated the claims and determined the man’s identity and location. He was residing in the Cairo’s Rawd al-Farag neighborhood.

Several ambushes were prepared to arrest him, leading to his arrest in Dokki, in the presence of his son. 

He possessed two mobile phones, one of which containing text messages proving that he committed the crime.

He confessed to the crime, stating that he did it due to financial hardship, and added that his wife (the mother of the victimized child) had abandoned them several years ago.

Edited translation from Al-Masry Al-Youm

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