Makhyoun: I hold the government responsible for the killings, massacres must stop immediately

Younis Makhyoun, head of the Salafi Nour Party, has held the government responsible for every drop of Egyptian blood. “It is responsible before God and before the people for the protection of Egyptians,” he said.
On his Facebook page, Makhyoun wrote on Saturday that what he called “massacres” should stop immediately, and that perpetrators should be brought to justice. He also called for assigning a judge to investigate the crimes that were committed, and for the forming of a fact-finding committee of national figures to bring out the truth to the people.
“The crisis will not be solved with gatherings and counter-gatherings,” he wrote. “Nor will it be solved with violence.”
“There is no substitute for a political solution with a commitment by everyone to exercise restraint and renounce violence in all its forms, whether verbal or physical,” he added. “We must preserve our country and not give a chance to its enemies,” he said.
The Ministry of Health and Population on Saturday said 29 people were killed and 649 others injured in Cairo alone up until ten o'clock this morning in clashes during the “No to Terrorism” demonstrations. 

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