Luxury train cars locally manufactured in Egypt

The Egyptian Railways Authority operates luxury, air-conditioned train cars under the name “TOP VIP.” The vehicles are manufactured in the SEMAF factory of the Arab Organization for Industrialization in Egypt, according to a report by Youm7.

TOP VIP cars, which operate on Upper Egypt train lines, were handed over to the Railway Authority in 2016 and 2017, part of a shipment of 212 air-conditioned cars.

TOP VIP cars were manufactured in Egypt in cooperation with a Chinese company, with a local component rate of more than 40 percent. They are considered the most luxurious cars in the Egyptian railroad system so far.

Information about this type of car is not known because it was not marketed well by the Railway Authority.

Previously, the most luxurious train cars in Egypt were operated by Watania Sleeping Trains and Catering Services on behalf of the Railway Authority, but as they did not generate expected revenues, the authority withdrew the vehicles from the company and decided to operate luxury cars directly.

The authority owns five luxury cars, which are currently operated daily under the railway VIP system.

The price of a TOP VIP ticket is LE300 per seat, and the tickets are non-transferable, as the name of the passenger and their national ID number is written on it.

If the data does not match the passenger’s, the passenger is charged the value of the ticket and a LE100 fine.

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