Sandstorm disrupts road, maritime and air traffic

Bad weather in Cairo and several other governorates has severely reduced visibility, disrupted maritime navigation and slowed down traffic.

The Egyptian Meteorological Authority on Wednesday warned of bad weather conditions, saying sandstorms are expected to rage and calling on drivers to be cautious.

Ali Qotb, spokesperson for the meteorological authority, said temperatures are expected to drop in the coming hours, causing dust storms. He advised drivers to go slowly.

Qotb said people should avoid swimming in the Mediterranean because of high waves, which are reaching up to five meters due to heavy wind.

Wind speed exceeds 60 km per hour in Cairo, Alexandria, Marsa Matrouh and on desert roads, but the weather is expected to improve considerably Wednesday afternoon, he said.

Cairo International Airport announced a state of emergency as low visibility delayed an EgyptAir flight coming from Assiut.

The Red Sea Ports Authority closed four ports in Suez because of high winds, the speed of which exceeded 60 km per hour.

Major General Mohamed Abdel Qader Gaballah, the head of the authority, announced the closure of Port Tawfiq, Adabeya, Zeiteyat and Sokhna ports. They are expected reopen before midnight.

Translated from MENA

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