Libya releases 14 Egyptian sailors

Libyan Authorities agreed to release the Egyptian boat “A-Mo'men bellah” and its crew after an estimated LYD8000 fine was paid for illegally sailing in Libyan regional waters. The boat's captain formally declared he would face the legal consequences in the event the incident is repeated.  

Mohamed Abdel Hakam, assistant foreign minister for consular affairs and Egyptian expatriates, said the decision was the result of efforts by the Egyptian embassy in Tripoli. He said the boat was allowed to depart to Egypt on 7 December. Abdel Hakam thanked the Libyan authorities for responding to the Egyptian efforts.

Libyan authorities seized the boat and the 14 Egyptian sailors on board when it illegally entered and sailed in Libyan waters, said Abdel Hakam. One sailor, Abul Hussein Abdo Ibrahim, was injured when authorities pursued the boat after it disregarded orders to stop, Abdel Hakam added.

Translated from the Arabic Edition.

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