KUNA: Serapeum Temple…one of Egypt’s most baffling civilization mysteries

The Kuwaiti News Agency on Monday published a report on Egypt’s renowned Serapeum Temple which is known as “Puzzle Temple” and located near Saqqara area in Egypt’s central Giza Governorate.

It said Serapeum Temple is considered to have been one of the most perplexing mysteries of
Egypt’s ancient civilization.

The monument is home to mammoth sarcophagi placed inside a set of tunnels, crypts and caves dug deep under 400-meter-long rocks.

To archaeologists’ bewilderment, the temple embraces 26 elaborately made huge sarcophagi at such depths, with neither digging machines nor techniques having been used to place them inside the monument. A single sarcophagus weighs 70 tons and its cover weighs 30 tons.

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