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Kempinski: A new hotel on the river Nile

In an elegant ceremony attended by many social figures, the renowned hotel chain Kempinski launched its boutique hotel in Garden City overlooking the magnificent view of the Nile. Minister of Tourism Zoheir Garranah attended the soft opening.

The hotel is 11 floor-high and includes 191 units, 137 rooms and 54 suites. A small yet elegant reception area welcomes you leading to the chocolate lounge where you can taste the best quality of Italian chocolate in town.

On the first floor, you can find the hotel’s all day dining outlet, Blue. The restaurant offers a new concept of dining, a ‘no menu…menu’; just ask for whatever you want from the market list and they will cook it for you.

Othmanly offers a totally different experience; oriental-Ottoman food is their specialty. Upon arrival, you will be welcomed by a friendly staff member who will help you wash your hands with warm, jasmine-scented water out of a golden carafe. The tableware sports the signature of Ottoman Sultan Mahmoud who was known for his love of good food.  

On the tenth floor, you will find the Jazz Bar where you will enjoy a nice cocktail and a live piano performance. There is also a French restaurant on that floor.

The boutique hotel introduces a new experience of hospitality amidst the more common big luxury hotels.

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