Judge accuses police officers of assault

An Alexandria judge filed a complaint accusing two officers at Al-Salam Police station of assaulting him.

Investigations conducted by the East Cairo prosecution indicated that police from the Al-Salam department arrested two mechanics who were fixing a car in a workshop, suspecting it was stolen. The owner of the car died last month, so his brother and cousin, the judge, brought documentation to the police department proving that the car was not stolen to secure the mechanics' release.

There, an altercation erupted between the judge and his relative and an officer who refused to let them into the station. The judge alleges that the officer physically assaulted them and drug them into a room where they were held for an hour.

The officers deny the charges and accuse the judge and his cousin of assaulting them.

Security sources said other policemen intervened to end the argument and apologized to the judge and his cousin, saying it was a misunderstanding. An incident report was filed at the station and the judge lodged a complaint at Al-Salam prosecution. 

Edited translation from Al-Masry Al-Youm

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