Jordan Brotherhood: Morsy overthrow an “ugly coup”

​​Hamza Mansour, head of the Jordanian Muslim Brotherhood's Labor Front Party, has claimed events in Egypt that lead to the overthrow of President Mohamed Morsy represent an "ugly coup."

In a telephone interview with the German DPA news agency, Mansour said the military handing over of power to an interim civilian leadership represented a puppet regime manipulated by the Americans and the Zionists.

“The US did not condemn the coup because it was against the Brotherhood from day one,” he added. “It would not have allowed it had it occurred in any other country.”

“Morsy did not have a chance to rule,” he said, claiming he was fought by a corrupt judiciary and remnants of the Mubarak regime, financed by the US and the Gulf states.

On the impact of the developments in Egypt on political Islam and the Brotherhood in Jordan, he said it would create sympathy for Islam across the world.

“The Brotherhood did not govern Egypt," he added. “How many ministers were from that group?”

Mansour objected to the figure of 30 million protesters against Morsy, which was estimated by international press agencies.

“Must the Islamic movement remain in prison?” he asked. “God protect Egypt from the corrupt and the traitors.”

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