Italian newspapers condemn Giulio Regeni espionage accusation

A number of Italian newspapers denounced on Friday espionage accusations that have been directed at PhD student Giulio Regeni, whose body was found on the side of the road outside of Cairo earlier this month.

The newspapers described the accusation as ridiculous.

La Stampa newspaper expressed surprise regarding the accusations beind made and published a report containing comments by Regeni's professor at Cambridge University on accusations of him being a spy. Filio, Regeni's professor, described the reiteration of such accusation as "disappointing".
Regeni was one of the best students at Cambridge University and was the first to propose the subject of trade unions in a doctoral thesis, Filio said, adding that if Regeni was a spy Italian authorities would have protected him and prevented his killing.
Filio blamed Regeni's professors for allowing him to conduct his studies on trade unions in Egypt without considering the risks he would be subject to.
The Corriere della Sera newspaper said the Egyptian government has not yet disclosed the truth of what happened to Regeni, pointing out that all international organizations demanded to expedite the submission of the results of investigations to calm down the Italian public.
Edited translation from Al-Masry Al-Youm

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