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Israeli airstrike on refugee camp in central Gaza kills at least 35 people, hospital says

From Abdul Qader Sabbah in Beit Lahiya, northern Gaza, Mohammad Al Sawalhi in central Gaza, Abeer Salman, and CNN's Sarah Sirgany and Tim Lister

An airstrike in central Gaza in the early hours of Sunday killed 35 people, including seven children and nine women, according to Al-Aqsa Martyrs hospital.

The hospital said the death toll from the strike in Nuseirat camp had steadily risen as more bodies were brought in. It appears many of the casualties resulted from the destruction of a block of houses in the area. Video showed civil defense teams pulling bodies from the rubble, but without heavy equipment to move the larger parts of the wreckage.

One woman, Um Mohammad Taha, told CNN Sunday that five houses had collapsed, including her sister’s, and that many were buried under the rubble, including children.

“The same happened to my family seven months ago,” she added, when a strike had killed her 65 year-old mother and other family members. “I am injured, my house is gone. We are not alive, we are dying slowly. Where is justice?”

Mahomoud Abu Bilal told CNN that the strike occurred around 3 a.m., and that some 25 bodies from four or five families had been pulled from the rubble.

CNN has asked the Israel Defense Forces for a response on the airstrike in Nuseirat.

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