Islamic thinker rejects military protection of secular state

Islamic thinker Selim al-Awa said on Saturday that there should not be an article in the new constitution tasking the military with the protection of the secular state, suggesting that this would make Egypt a military state.

“The military does not like to share power, nor do we like military dominance,” he said, pointing out that it is the people who protect their own state.

“The army protects the state in Turkey in the face of the Islamic trend," he said. “But we here do not need that.”

Awa ruled out the possibility of the Muslim Brotherhood sweeping the parliamentary elections and imposing their rule.

“The final word on the constitution will be for the 85 million Egyptians,” he said.

He also said that if he decided to run in the presidential elections, he would run independent from any political party.

Translated from the Arabic Edition

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