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Iraqi geologist expects devastating earthquake in March

An Iraqi geologist predicted more earthquakes during the month of March similar to the Turkey and Syria earthquake which occurred on February 6.

The presence of the moon and mars near to the earth will place more stress on the Earth’s crust, Iraqi geologist Salih Mohamed Awad explained in a phone call with Ahmed Moussa, Monday evening.

Awad attributed the cause of the devastating earthquake in Turkey on February 6 to the presence of the moon in a critical position relative to the earth and the sun.

This will caused a slight delay in the earth’s rotation speed, which led to a movement of weak plates that caused the earthquake.

Awad predicted that between March 22 and 20, the moon will get between the earth and the sun, which will create stress on the earth’s crust.

It will be less than the previous stress of February 6, he said.

Awad called for caution on March 27 and 28, which is the peak of stress on the earth’s crust due to the presence of the moon between Earth and Mars.

According to Awad, an earthquake occurs due to external rather than internal factors, and by calculating the locations of stars and planets close to the earth and the amount of stress on the earth’s crust, the most frequent places of earthquakes and its timings could be predicted to avoid large losses.

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