Investment company CEO denies rumors of prime minister nomination

Mohamed El-Erian, the head of an investment management company, denied rumors that he would be nominated for prime minister, the “We Are All Khaled Saeed” Facebook page said.

Erian is an Egyptian expatriate who currently lives in the US and is regarded as an economic expert. He is the CEO of the California-based Pacific Investment Management Company, and has worked at several major companies and organizations, including the International Monetary Fund.

Rumors about Erian being the next prime minister have been circulating around news websites. Administrators of the Facebook page emailed him to confirm the veracity of the news.

The economic expert reportedly said he is grateful and proud that some of political circles in Egypt have considered nominating him for the post, but he denied the rumors.

He added that it would better for the post to be held by people with experience in Egypt, such as those who have supported the revolution from within the country.

Edited translation from Al-Masry Al-Youm

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