Interview with Nour Party pro-constitution campaign coordinator

Mostafa Abdel Fadil, coordinator of the Nour Party pro-constitution campaign, said that the 2013 Constitution worded the Sharia article better than the 2012 Constitution despite the fact that the party only had one person represented in the Committee of 50. He predicted the amended Constitution would pass with a 70-percent vote in the referendum.
How is the campaign going and what are the obstacles?
The campaign is going great nationwide and all party branches are working on it with enthusiasm.
Some argue that the campaign is not doing well in certain governorates. Is this true?
It is doing great in all governorates without exception.
What about harassment from other Islamist parties?
We do not pay attention to such things.
How did the Nour Party prepare itself internally for the campaign?
The party organized training courses for all its cadres to carry out the campaign.
And externally?
The party prepared more than 600 staff members nationwide to lead the campaign, in addition to 200 more in each governorate to connect with citizens through public conferences, door-knocking campaigns and e-marketing and advertising methods to confirm that it did not abandon the Islamic identity.
What is the main focus of the campaign?
The status of Islamic Sharia in the 2013 Constitution.
How do you see that status after deleting Article 219 that interpreted the principles of Sharia?
Despite the deletion of the article and the fact that we only had one representative in the Committee of 50, the Constitution preserved the identity and the Sharia better than the 2012 Constitution when it said in the preamble that the principles of the Sharia are in accordance with the provisions of the Supreme Constitutional Court.
Does this mean the Sharia is the only distinctive feature of the Constitution?
No, but we focus on the Sharia to convince the Egyptian people that it is better worded than before.
Do women have an active role in the campaign?
Absolutely. The party does not marginalize women.
Is there coordination with other parties in favor of the constitution?
By all means. We sought to comply with all forces since we joined the Committee of 50.
How do you see the turnout of the referendum?
It will exceed that of last time. The Egyptian people are hungry for stability, which will not be achieved except with the Constitution. I believe it will pass with a 70-percent majority.
Edited translation from Al-Masry Al-Youm

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