Internship for children of Egyptians in the US available through UMS: Official

The head of the news sector at the United Media Services Company (UMS), Ahmed al-Tahry, announced that he will soon announce an internship grant for the second and third generations of Egyptians living in the US through the UMS’ News Sector office in New York.

“Soon we will announce a training grant for the second and third generation of Egyptian sons in the United States through the UMS News Sector Office in New York.. Training is available in all states.. Details to be announced soon,” Tahry wrote in a Facebook post.


Expats at the ‘heart’ of Egyptian development

Emigration Minister Soha Gendi said Egyptians abroad represents a top priority in accordance with President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi’s directives, according to a September MENA report.

During a phone call with Hekayti program of MBC satellite channel in September, she said Egyptian expats are at the heart of the development process.

Gendi noted that she held meetings with the ministers of communications, population and youth alongside the acting governor of the Central Bank of Egypt.

She added that the ministry seeks to offer as many incentives as it can to Egyptian expats, noting that these incentives will be available on a website or application for them.

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