Interior Ministry denies accusing AUC of destabilizing the country

The Interior Ministry on Monday denied reports that it had arrested two spy rings gathering information about Egypt’s post-revolution economic and social situation.

The ministry also said that none of its officials accused the American University in Cairo of engaging in suspicious activities, reported MENA.

Earlier this week the Kuwaiti Al-Gareeda newspaper’s website quoted Major General Magdy Abdel Ghaffar, head of the Interior Ministry's National Security Sector, as saying that despite having to work at a lesser capacity in past months, it had arrested two spy rings.

The paper added Ghaffar accused the university of practicing “suspicious” activities and of inciting the violence on Mohamed Mahmoud Street and at the cabinet sit-in at the end of last year.

The media advisor at the Interior Ministry denied all the remarks, saying that Ghaffar didn’t even meet with the paper, said MENA.

The media advisor also denied that the American University in Cairo had practiced suspicious activities with approval from the disbanded State Security Investigations Services, also saying there was no truth to rumors that the national security sector was informed of some political trends trying to destabilize the country in accordance with foreign agendas.

On Sunday, The American University in Cairo strongly refuted the claims, saying that it's an educational institution whose mission has been to serve Egypt for more than 90 years — progressing in scientific and academic research, serving the community and encouraging civic participation.

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