Interior Minister fires 23 State Security officials, transfers 66

Minister of Interior Mansour al-Essawy approved the exclusion of 23 high-ranking officials of the defunct State Security Investigative Services (SSIS) from service in the Ministry of Interior, and temporarily transferred 66 of the agency's former leaders to security directorates and other sectors of the ministry, according to resolution number 509 for 2011.

The resolution was activated on Friday, 26 March.

Lists of names of generals and officers affiliated with different sectors and governorates including Cairo, 6 October, and Giza were sent to the Ministry of Interior after General Yousry al-Fiqqi, Assistant Minister of Interior for Officers Affairs, approved the lists.

SSIS was dissolved by al-Essawy in response to the revelations of crimes committed by that body. He established the National Security Sector to take over SSIS's counter-terrorism and other domestic security responsibilities.
Security sources said that this step was essential to organizing the new National Security Sector, scheduled to begin work next May, and added that similar decisions will take place over the next few days.

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