Information center employees stage protests over pay shortfalls

Employees of the cabinet’s information centers for local development staged protests in several Egyptian cities on Tuesday to demand disbursement of unpaid July and August salaries.

“We will continue to protest until we receive our new salary increases and bonuses, which have been approved by parliament,” said information center employee Ahmed al-Deeb, noting that the Minister of Local Development had already ordered the payment of past unpaid salaries.

“More of our colleagues will join us in coming days,” said Gamal al-Sharkawi, another center employee. “We won’t leave before we obtain our rights.”

The salaries of center employees, who were appointed in January 2002, have not been increased in the past eight years. Earlier this year, however, parliament approved the allocation of LE150 million to be disbursed this year in the form of salary raises and bonuses.

Translated from the Arabic Edition.

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