Industrial education students protest outside ministry

Dozens of  industrial education students on Wednesday continued their sit-in in front of the Ministry of Higher Education in downtown Cairo to protest their academic conditions.

The protesting students said their faculties don't help them get jobs.

The students also said the ministry has extended the number of years of education required for a bachelor in engineering, which, they said, deprives them of membership in the Engineering Syndicate and diminishes their chances of finding jobs.

Technical students are required to study for four years in order to graduate as technicians, not engineers.

In the past, industrial education students were able to study engineering for an additional year to obtain a bachelor's degree in engineering. However, under the new rules, the same students are required to study for an additional four years to graduate as engineers.

One of the participants in the sit-in said that, as well as calling for shortening the period of study, the protesters want to form a syndicate for industrial education graduates.

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