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Immigration Ministry launches ‘Speak Arabic’ app for expatriate children

As part of its ongoing “Speak Arabic” initiative, an application to teach expatriate Egyptian children Arabic has been released by Egypt’s Ministry of Immigration and Egyptian Expatriates.

Minister Nabila Makram spoke of the app and overall initiative with Kelma Akhira’s Lamees al-Hadidy on Tuesday, adding that she thinks the initiative should extend into international schools.

Egyptian children abroad, she continued, are exposed to different cultures and languages ​​other than their mother tongue, and the programs will remind them of their identity.

Makram described expatriate children as the “future of Egypt”, stressing the need to connect with them.

So far, the initiative has included a number of activities for engagement, such as camps, social media platforms, and the app.

According to Makram, the app aims to foster the concept of Egyptian identity among expatriate children while teaching them the language, customs, values, and traditions.

The “Speak Arabic” application is level-based, with users earning points in order to level up. 

Children as young as three years old can use the application, the minister said. The program for the younger age group features cartoon characters as teachers teaching the alphabet and basic words.

For children six years and older, the application addresses Egyptian food and culture, and adds more Arabic words and their pronunciation.


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