Historic achievement for Egyptian gymnastics in the World Championships

Yahia Zakaria, the player of our national artistic gymnastics team, made historical achievement after clinching the bronze medal of the 2023 Gymnastics World Junior Championships.

The tournament is currently being held in Turkey with the participation of a large number of teams.

Zakaria won third place after getting 13,700 points during his participation on the parallel machine, becoming the first Egyptian player to win a medal in the World Junior Championships.

Egypt’s men’s junior artistic gymnastics team has achieved ninth place in the World Gymnastics Championship currently held in Turkey with the participation of 36 teams in a new achievement for Egyptian gymnastics.

This is considered the best position achieved by the Egyptian gymnastics team in the world championships.

The Egyptian men’s and women’s artistic gymnastics team will participate in the second Gymnastics World Junior Championships from March 29 to April 2 in Antalya, Turkey.

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