High Elections Commission publishes comprehensive vote tally

The High Elections Commission on Sunday released a comprehensive tally of votes in Egypt’s recent parliamentary poll, the first phase of which was held on Monday and Tuesday.

The Muslim Brotherhood’s Freedom and Justice Party (FJP) led the polls. It won 40 percent of the vote, while the Salafi Nour Party achieved 20 percent and the secular Egyptian Bloc secured 15 percent. The liberal Wafd Party won 6 percent, while the moderate Islamist Wasat Party won 4 percent.

A total of 9,734,513 valid votes were cast in the poll, while 612,713 were judged to be invalid. Among 17,522,000 eligible voters, 10,734,512 Egyptians voted for what represented a participation rate of 59.1 percent, a ratio far higher than in any election held under the rule of deposed President Hosni Mubarak.

Port Said had the biggest turnout of any governorate, with 70 percent, followed by Alexandria at 67.6 percent, and Damietta at 66.3 percent. The turnout in Cairo was 61.7 percent. In Kafr al-Sheikh, the turnout was 56.9 percent, in Assiut, it was 54.7 percent, in the Red Sea it was 53.5 percent, and in Fayoum 51.6 percent. Luxor was at the bottom of the list with 50.7 percent.

In the first phase, 36 political parties and coalitions contested 168 seats — 56 seats under the single-winner system and 112 seats under list-based candidacy.

Below are the official results of the 28 largest parties that participated in the elections:

1. Freedom and Justice Party: 3,565,092 votes

2. Nour Party: 2,371,713 votes

3. The Egyptian Bloc: 1,299,819 votes

4. Wafd Party: 690,077 votes

5. Wasat Party: 415,059 votes

6. Revolution Continues Alliance: 335,947 votes

7. Reform and Development Party: 185,238 votes

8. Egypt National Party: 153,429 votes

9. Freedom Party: 136,784 votes

10. Adl Party: 76,769 votes

11. Conservatives Party: 76,743 votes

12. The Egyptian Citizen: 67,602 votes

13. Peace Democratic Party: 51,704 votes

14. Ghad Party: 39,999 votes

15. The Union Party: 39,527 votes

16. The Arab Nasserist Party: 39,257 votes

17. The Egyptian Revolution Party: 36,975 votes

18. The Democratic Front Party: 33,293 votes

19. The Egyptian Arab Union: 31,223 votes

20. Modern Egypt Party: 27,006 votes

21. Egypt the Revolution Party: 26,804 votes

22. The New Independents Party: 10,792 votes

23. The Revolution Guardians Party: 5,895 votes

24. Human and Citizenship Rights Party: 4,436 votes

25. Social Peace Party: 3,416 votes

26. The Awareness Party: 3,180 votes

27. The Arab Party for Justice and Equality: 3,156 votes

28. The Constitutional Social Free Party: 3,047 votes

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