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Here are Egypt’s new prices for cigarettes

Philip Morris Egypt announced the new prices for all of its products from the Merit, Marlboro, and L&M brands following the Egyptian government’s announcement of the recent tax amendments related to tobacco products.

Al-Masry Al-Youm has gone over the new prices of cigarettes at the Philip Morris and Eastern Tobacco Companies:

Cigarette prices’ rise

The government on Thursday approved a slight increase in cigarette prices in conjunction with the announcement of amending some provisions of the Value Added Tax Law, to increase cigarette and tobacco taxes and to absorb part of the high cost in the prices of production.

Philip Morris cigarette prices

Philip Morris Egypt said in a statement that the new prices of cigarettes are clearly announced on product packages through a QR code placed on packages of traditional cigarettes and heated tobacco rolls since 2022.

Philip Morris Egypt explained the new prices of products are as follows:

Marlboro of all types LE 69 – Marlboro Crafted LE 59 – Merit LE 74 – L&M LE 50 – HEETS Selections LE 56 – HEETS Dimensions LE 56 – TEREA LE 56.

It also called on retailers and distributors to adhere to the announced prices.

Eastern Tobacco Company prices

The Eastern Tobacco Company announced the new prices of its cigarettes:

Cleopatra Box (10 cigarettes) LE 20 – Cleopatra King Size LE 27 – Cleopatra Soft Queen LE 27 – Cleopatra Box (20 cigarettes) LE 27 – Boston/ Belmont LE 27 – Cleopatra Super LE 27 – Mondial (Red/ Blue/ Silver) LE 27 – Cleopatra Black Label LE 27 – Mondial (switch menthol/ blueberry) LE 27.

Edited translation from Al-Masry Al-Youm

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