Heirs of NDP stalwart blocked from accessing family fortune

An Egyptian judicial authority on Tuesday issued an order preventing the heirs of the late National Democratic Party MP Kamal al-Shazly from accessing their money and real estate as investigations continue into allegations of corruption against al-Shazly.

According to a statement issued by the Deputy Minister of Justice for the Illicit Gains Authority, Assem al-Gohary, the decision involved al-Shazliy’s wife, two sons and daughter.

The statement noted that the Administrative Control Authority’s investigations confirmed that al-Shazly accumulated his fortune by illegal means through the abuse of his authority. Al-Shazly died in November at the age of 74.

He served as minister for parliamentary affairs from 1993 to 2004, after which he was responsible for overseeing the Specialized National Councils, a body composed of committees that study and research socio-economic problems.

During the initial investigations, al-Shazly’s wife and offspring said that prior to his death and as a public figure, al-Shazly had submitted his financial statement, which was examined by the competent authorities. They claimed that all of their property, “whether real estate or funds, are private funds, which were in no way obtained from the state or its governmental system.”

The statement went on to say that investigations were ongoing with al-Shazly’s heirs after several reports were submitted regarding al-Shazly's illicit gains and his abuse of his position.

If found guilty, criminal charges against al-Shazly will be dropped due to his death. However, any assets gained illegally will be seized by the state.

Translated from the Arabic Edition

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