Head of Egyptian publishing house removed following violations

Egypt’s National Journalism Authority on Saturday unanimously rejected the resignation of Magdy Mohamed Mahmoud Sabla, choosing instead to fire him from his post as chairman of board of directors of state-run publishing house Dar al-Hilal.

The National Journalism Authority referred Sabla to investigations due to reported violations attributed to him through a committee headed by judge Adel Brik, vice-President of the Council of State and a member of the authority.

This comes in the light of a notification received from Dar al-Hilal regarding serious violations causing the deterioration of the institution’s financial and administrative conditions.

The National Journalism Authority affirmed its keenness to preserve Egypt’s national press institutions and take the necessary measures to improve its situation and confront any irregularities.

It decided to temporally appoint Mohamed Abdel-Hamid Younis to assume the duties of the general manager of the institution and conduct its business financially and administratively, until the appointment of a new chairman.

Edited translation from Al-Masry Al-Youm

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