Haram district chief arrested for receiving a bribe

Officers of the Administrative Control Authority (ACA) have arrested head of al-Haram district Ibrahim Abdel-Ati on Tuesday afternoon, on charges of bribery, according to judicial and security sources.

The sources said that Abdel-Ati was arrested after being caught receiving the bribe in secret camera and audio recordings, inside his office in Haram district.

He was taken to the ACA building to proceed with filing the case, after which he will be referred to the Public Prosecution for further investigation.

The ACA had obtained permission from the Public Prosecution put the suspect under surveillance to record his calls, during which he requesed the bribe.

The sources confirmed that the head of the district solicited the bribe from an owner of a private contracting company, in exchange for ensuring the owner not be fined large sums of money in breaking construction regulations.

The sources say that the ACA requested the parties to communicate with Abdel-Ati, and negotiate the amount of the bribe.

Half of the amount was prepared, and set to be handed to Abdel-Ati in his municipal office on Tuesday afternoon. Microphones and cameras were concealed in the office before the arrival of all parties to the scene. Abdel-Ati was arrested, and the bribe was seized.


Edited translation from Al-Masry Al-Youm

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