’Hamad-1’, 1st Egyptian-Bahraini military exercises in Arab Gulf

For the first time, the Egyptian and Bahraini Armed Forces will conduct air-maritime joint military exercises under the name of "Hamad-1"
Four Egyptian Naval units, in addition to a number of F16 fighter jets will participate in that exercise due to kick off on April 20.
The Military attaché to Saudi Arabia and Bahrain Mohamed Abu Bakr El-Husseini followed up the Four Egyptian Naval units transiting Bab Al-Mandab Strait heading for Bahrain.
Military experts asserted that the Egyptian-Bahraini military exercises in the Arab Gulf aim at issuing a warning to anyone who thinks to violate the Arab security.
For his part, military expert, Mohamed Mokhtar Qandil said that the basic reason behind the Egyptian-Bahraini military exercises is not only to train forces on operations that could be conducted in the Arab Gulf in the future, but also to be as a prelude to the formation of Arab joint forces.

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