‘Green Eagle’ Ultras storm Suez Canal port, threaten to shut down the waterway

The “Green Eagle” Ultras in Port Said who support the Masry Club stormed the tourism gate of the city’s main port on the Suez Canal on Thursday.

The group shot off fireworks, chanted and sang demanding “a just verdict in the case of the Port Said Stadium massacre.”

They marched on the port for half an hour before exiting from Gate 1.

 “This is a message that we can break into the port and disable the Suez Canal, the most important world waterway, not just the subway,” a group member told Al-Masry Al-Youm. He was referring to the Ultras Ahlawy protests in Cairo on Wednesday.

Ultras Ahlawy members had besieged the stock market building, marched through the metro system’s tunnels and blocked the 6 October Bridge, a vital thoroughfare in Cairo, to demand retribution for the victims of Port Said massacre.

Seventy-two Ahly team fans were killed and hundreds were injured on 1 February 2012 when Port Said’s Masry supporters stormed the pitch after a rare victory over Ahly.

Port Said Criminal Court has set Saturday 26 January for the sentencing in the case, in which more than 70 defendants, including nine police officers, face charges for killing or inciting the killing of Ultras members. Some have speculated that the court may adjourn the case due to new evidence announced by the prosecutor general.

Edited translation from Al-Masry Al-Youm

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