Govt to devise local strategy to keep wheat at safe levels

The Ministry of Social Solidarity said authorities are developing a new strategy to encourage farmers to supply locally-grown wheat to its granaries in the upcoming season, starting in April.  

A ministry source said the strategy will be discussed after the designated joint committee–comprised of members from the agriculture, trade, investment and finance ministries–completes relevant preparations.  

The objective of the government in the coming period is to support farmers and provide them with all facilities to ensure they gain the maximum benefit from the wheat subsidy, the source continued, adding that there will be stricter monitoring of the production process and harsher punitive measures for violators.

The ministry is also going to look at several complaints submitted by farmers in order to create a strategic reserve of local wheat as a safeguard against international market price fluctuations.

Standards for granaries and transportation will also be put in place to reduce waste.

Current strategic wheat reserves used for the production of subsidized flour are at safe levels, the source added.

Translated from the Arabic Edition.

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