Govt announces private-public projects in agriculture

The Ministry of Economic Development has prepared a list of agricultural projects to be implemented in collaboration with the private sector during the current fiscal year. This step comes after the People’s Assembly has recently approved a new Private-Public Partnership Law.
The list includes land reclamation projects in Toshka, North Sinai, Kom Ombo in Aswan, as well as the development of farmlands in Sharq el-Owainat and Toshka. It also includes projects to use the silt in Lake Nasser, develop fishing fleets and natural resources in Marsa Matruh, and improve alternatives to chemical fertilizers.
The Ministry said the total value of irrigation and agriculture investments projected to be made in the current fiscal year will reach LE7.3 billion, 60 percent of which will be entrusted to the private sector. Private sector investments will focus primarily on agriculture while government investments will focus on irrigation, sanitary drainage and other projects.   
Translated from the Arabic Edition.

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