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Government warns against delay in handing fertilizers production

The Agriculture Ministry has issued strict instructions to factories producing fertilizers to stick to monthly shares of 360,000 tons for the ministry to guarantee that fertilizers are available at prices set by government at LE2,000 for one ton of urea and LE1,900 for the nitrates.
Subsidized fertilizers should be of different colors.
Ali Ismail, head of fertilizers coordination committee, said in remarks on Sunday that the delay in handing the monthly shares will lead to measures against violating companies. Fees will be imposed on exporting the fertilizers, gas supply will be cut.
The monthly allocations, according to Ismail, reach 4,320,000 tons annually. 140,000 tons are provided by Abu Qeer company for fertilizers, 50,000 tons are provided by Delta company, 65,000 tons provided by the Egyptian company, 35,000 tons by MOPCO, 35,000 tons by Helwan and 35,000 tons by Alexandria company.
The committee approved return of Principal Bank for Development and Agricultural Credit to the distribution system starting this season.
Meanwhile, Minister of Agriculture Adel al-Beltagy decided to form committees to follow on distribution of fertilizers and refer violations to prosecution.
The minister also instructed the coordination committee to submit weekly report over the distribution of fertilizers, proposed solutions for crises to guarantee presence of fertilizers.
Edited translation from Al-Masry Al-Youm