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Government responds to rumors regarding sale of Egypt’s public hospitals

The Egyptian Cabinet’s Media Center on Tuesday responded to rumors regarding the state’s intent to sell government hospitals and stop providing their services to citizens.

The Media Center assured that government hospitals will remain state-owned, while continuing to provide all health services to citizens in a normal and regular manner.

It explained that the bill “Regulating the Granting of Commitment to Public Facilities to Establish, Operate, and Develop Health Facilities” aims to allow the private sector to participate in the health field through the establishment and development of government health facilities and the mechanisms for their management.

The Media Center added that will lead to improving the quality of those services, raise their efficiency, and facilitate a more equitable geographical spread.

The law will also prohibit granting commitments to some compulsory health facilities and services provided by the state to citizens, it explained.

The government urged all media outlets and social media users to ensure accuracy before publishing news, and to communicate with the relevant authorities to check before sharing any information that could potentially confuse the public and lead to unfounded speculations.

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