Google launches tool for decoding, translating Egyptian hieroglyphs

Google on Wednesday announced the launch of an online tool that uses artificial intelligence to decode and translate Egyptian hieroglyphics.

The tool — called fabricius — will be useful for presenting an interactive experiment to globalists to help them learn hieroglyphics more efficiently. It will also help increase Egyptologists’ awareness of the history and heritage of the ancient Egyptian civilization.

The tool was made available on the Google Arts and Culture platform, which allows users to learn about arts and cultural artifacts from roughly 2,000 cultural institutions worldwide.

Users can interact with the artifacts through virtual reality technology, augmented reality, and high-quality images.

The tool uses machine learning to ease the collection, indexing and understanding of hieroglyphic symbols.

The tool to help Egyptologists translate hieroglyphics into English is now available, with the Arabic tool set to unveil soon.

The tool also allows users to write and share messages in hieroglyphics.

Edited translation from Al-Masry Al-Youm

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