Giza villages suffer from water cuts

The villages of Mazghouna, Nazlet al-Shobak and Omraniya in Giza have been suffering from daily water cuts for over a month.
Ahmed Abdel Gelil, resident of Nazlet al-Shobak, said the three villages have been subjet to frequent water cuts for over a month, with the water supply coming only for a few hours late at night. Therefore, the residents have been forced to purchase water, which costs between LE5 and LE10 per day.
The residents have complained to Badrashin Water Station officials, but they responded saying the station cannot cover the needs of the three villages, another resident, Hossam Bakkar said.
They have also called on the governor of Giza to solve their problem, threatening to stage a sit-in and to abstain from paying water bills.

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