German documentary film: Putin beat his wife

The German ZDF television station recently broadcast a documentary film entitled “Putin the Man”. The film focuses on Russian President Vladimir Putin's life during his time as a Russian intelligence officer, as well as the period leading up to his current role as president. The film says Putin was lazy, often late and beat his wife, Lyudmila. A woman with the code-name "Lehnchen", who was also working for the Russian intelligence in Dresden, went on record to state that Putin regularly beat his ex-wife.
The documentary goes on to say that Putin likes to wake up late, take a hot and a cold shower, eat cheese for breakfast and exercise in a gym full of American equipment. It also says he used to drink a lot and threatened to shoot peaceful demonstrators during the 1989 protests that eventually led to the fall of East Germany.
"Putin the Man" claims that Putin underwent a facelift in 2010 and that he fears death, one of the main reasons his personal cook always accompanies him: he is afraid of being poisoned.
Yet another element discussed in the film has to do with Putin's survival of five assassination attempts over the past 15 years. Attempts were made in Russia, Iran and Azerbaijan.
The film relies on secret documents and interviews with former Russian intelligence officers, as well as Western intelligence sources. 
Edited translation from Al-Masry Al-Youm

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